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Drone Thermal Cameras

Thermography can allow you to see a whole new world across industries. At peek we have partnered with a leading European specialist (Workswell) whose products are specifically engineered to be lightweight and powerful and designed from the ground up to be mounted on drones, other products have been modified or crudely mounted.

Drone Thermal Camera

Professional and Light Packages are Available

There are several packages and multiple resolutions available, these are aimed at specific sectors and all are available with up to 9 interchangeable lenses offering wide and near field of views, meaning you can get more out of your drone thermal camera.

Thermal Vision Pro

A thermal vision camera with resolutions up to 640 x 512 pixels with USB interface.

A visible spectrum camera with USB interface and optional objective (optional accessories).

A control unit for thermal camera and visible spectrum camera, including the ability to store the radiometric data on the control units internal memory.

An analogue signal converter for the transmission of the image directly to the UAV controller.

Software for processing the aerial thermal images, including the ability to export to PDF.

Pro Advantages

Thermal Vision Pro is lightweight and optimised for drones

Easily switch to the visible spectrum image from a digital camera.

Alarm (security) mode with marked areas where spots exceed the calibrated heating alarm.

The system offers a range of modes, colour palettes, alarms and measurement tools.

Easily controlled by using the wireless operator unit.

All data is compatible with FLIR tools.

Can be used day, night and in complete darkness.

Product Details

Product Version Applications Resolution Download Brochure
Thermal Vision Pro Inspection of buildings, pipes, factories, industrial equipment, electrical infrastructure, solar panels, wind turbines, agriculture, forestry mapping, mines and quarries. Also great for educational programmes at universities. 336 x 256 or 640 x 512 Pixels Download
Thermal Vision Light Lightweight and cost-effective for surveys, search and rescue applications, security and policing, fire fighting, forestry and other drone applications 336 x 256 or 640 x 512 Pixels Download

These drone thermal cameras can be customised to your needs speek to us now.